Welcome to the FDT Party in Jokkmokk page

The images from the famous FDT party were delayed due to unforseen problems with the censur, health authorities, the embassy of Uganda, police, alkoholinspection, and divers animal rights activists  .  .  . 

However, they are now all on-line. I hope that you have as much fun looking at them as we all had during the party

 Images from a really great FDT party near the polar circle in Sweden. Starting in Luleå with Sven Walström and many other friends we travelled to Jokkmokk / Kåbdalis and met Leif Persson från Kronogård. We then took snow scooters and grilled food in subzero conditions at the border of the polarcirkel. It was wonderfull !

Tony Kvarnström 1998

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